3 Days Around Hong Kong in Slippers

3 Days Around Hong Kong with Complete Itinerary Details and Budget for Expenses
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Hong Kong was my first trip out of the country and I walked around wearing elevated slippers for three days. If that was not crazy enough, my visit was on the first week of March when locals were wearing casual winter clothes. Oh my.

Hong Kong Airport to Mong Kok

We arrived late at night (last trips to Hong Kong are usually the cheapest fares), purchased Octopus cards (Php600 in Klook) and took the train from Airport Station to Mong Kok Station as we are staying at Geo-Home Holiday Hotel along Nathan Road in Mong Kok.

Hong Kong train map
Zoomed in train map from mtr.com.hk. See full train map here.

Take a look at the Hong Kong Train Map.

From the Airport station (Dark Green line at the middle left side), we alighted at Tsing Yi station (1 stop), transferred to the Orange Line to alight at Lai King station (1 stop), transferred to the Red Line to finally alight at Mong Kok Station (6 stops). Total Fare: HKD65 ~ Php450, Travel Time: 38 minutes.

I hope you were able to follow easily as we will be navigating train maps like this a lot.

Day 1. Ngong Ping Village, Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car, Tian Tan, Po Lin, and Disneyland

Of course, we allotted our first day for Disneyland. But because we wanted to make the most of our day, we woke up early to visit Ngong Ping Village first which is just one train station far from Sunny Bay Station for Disneyland.

Mong Kok to Ngong Ping Village and Cable Car Ride

Hong Kong train map
Zoomed in train map from mtr.com.hk. See full train map here.

We boarded the train from Mong Kok station to Lai King station (6 stops) then transfered to the Orange line to alight at Tung Chung station (3 stops). Total Fare: HKD17 ~ Php115, Travel Time: 33 minutes.

Can you follow this on the train map? I hope you are getting the hang of it.

We intended to do the round trip cable car ride but we arrived too early at Tung Chung station so we had to ride the bus as the first cable car ride was at 10 am yet.

Tung Chung Station to Ngong Ping Village

We walked our way to the Tung Chung Town Centre just a few meters away from the Tung Chung Station exit. We boarded Bus 23 to Ngong Ping Village. It was quite a long ride so we caught up with sleep as we traveled. (Travel time: 50 minutes, Fare: HKD17 ~ Php115) 

Ngong Ping Cable Car
At Ngong Ping Village. Getting ready for the actual cable car ride.

We walked around the area and enjoyed Tian Tan and Po Lin (Free admission) before we passed through Ngong Ping Village (Free admission) for the cable car ride back to Tung Chung station. (One-way Cable Car: Php865 at Klook, Travel time: 25 minutes)

Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car ride has a beautiful overlooking view of Hong Kong  and Lantau Island.

We spent the rest of the day enjoying Disneyland. (Get discounted tickets through Klook at around Php3800)

Ngong Ping Village to Disneyland

Hong Kong train map
Zoomed in train map from mtr.com.hk. See full train map here.

Disneyland Resort Station is only 2 stops and 1 transfer away from Tung Chung Station through Sunny Bay Station (Fare: HKD15 ~ Php90, Travel Time: 18 minutes). Very easy just looking at the train map, isn’t it?

Hong Kong Disneyland
At Hong Kong Disneyland on its 10th year!

Space Mountain is a must ride! I can never forget the thrill as we rode a roller coaster in the dark going backward and forward so fast without knowing and seeing what is ahead of us. We passed by miniature planets and the sun and moons as it was designed to be a journey through space. I could still remember how my colleagues screamed their hearts out the whole time that I could only laugh listening to them the whole journey and looking at their faces after the ride.

Hong Kong Disneyland PhilharMagic
At Mickey’s PhilharMagic. That girl went out of that building with tears of amazement and a blissful smile.

The musical show by different Disney characters at PhilharMagic is a must watch! Oh how they delivered the songs so beautifully I realized Disney songs simply have a special imprint on me that when sung, it pokes my heart and emotions in a way that it makes me cry.

I was told I shouldn’t miss watching Lion King when I visit Hong Kong Disneyland but the Lion King area was renovated when we visited.

Hong Kong Disneyland
Queued and waited for my turn to stand side by side with Mickey and Minnie!

We tried as much fun rides as we can on every themed area. We watched as much shows as our time allowed until we waited for the parade and fireworks after eating dinner.

Disneyland to Mong Kok

Hong Kong train map
Zoomed in train map from mtr.com.hk. See full train map here.

Fireworks end at around 8 to 9pm with trains from Disneyland Station to Mong Kok Station still available. (Disneyland to Sunnybay to Lai King to Mong Kok, Fare: HKD20 ~ Php 140, Travel Time: 35 minutes)

Hong Kong Disneyland
Cinderella on gown. Natasha on slippers.

We walked around Mong Kok and settled at a restaurant within the area for dinner. None of us can speak or understand Chinese so we had to ask if they have an English menu before we go in.

Overcoming language barriers is always part of the fun in traveling.

Day 2. Peak Tram, Victoria Peak, Madame Tussauds, Avenue of Stars, Victoria Harbour for Symphony of Lights  

Mong Kok to The Peak / Victoria Peak

Hong Kong train map
Zoomed in train map from mtr.com.hk. See full train map here.

We started our day early again as we made our way to The Peak. (Mong Kok Station to Central Station, 5 stops, no transfer, Fare: HKD12 ~ Php84, Travel Time: 12 minutes. Take Exit J2 and follow the signs to Victoria Peak / Garden Road for the the Peak Tram terminal).

Victoiria Peak Hong Kong
At Victoria Peak Hong Kong. Enjoying the view at the Sky Terrace.

We booked the Roundtrip Peak Tram + Sky Terrace combo (Available in Klook at around Php550).

Riding the tram up to The Peak already gives a preview of what you will be expecting when you will finally be at The Peak Tower which is known to be the highest and best view overlooking Hong Kong and the Victoria Harbour.

The Peak Hong Kong
At The Peak Hong Kong

It was so beautiful at The Peak we each went on separate ways to listen to the audio guide about Hong Kong and its history. Earphones and kit are included in the package. We just individually enjoyed the scenery before us.

Madame Tussauds The Peak Hong Kong
At Madame Tussauds Hong Kong. Jackie Chan on Tai Chi. Natasha on Slippers.

We also enjoyed Madame Tussauds (P1500 in Klook) like we were kids again as we entered 6 big floors, each with different themes.

My favorites at Madame Tussauds were Do Min Joon of the Korean series “My Love from the Star”, Jackie Chan, and Albert Einstein. We visited last 2016 so many of the famous faces we met might have been replaced already.

We ate lunch at Tim Ho Wan at Hong Kong Central. The walk from Central station to its exact location at Podium Level 1 IFC Mall already made us experience the urban vibe of Hong Kong.

We queued behind so many people and were indeed rewarded with very good food on this Michelin-starred restaurant. We kept on ordering different additional dishes for sharing when it was already our turn to order and eat.

Victoria Peak to Avenue of Stars

Hong Kong train map
Zoomed in train map from mtr.com.hk. See full train map here.

We then made our way to Avenue of Stars (Free admission). Take the train from Central Station to Tsim Sha Tsui Station (2 stops, Fare: HKD10 ~ Php70, Travel time: 6 minutes).

Just follow the signs going to Avenue of Stars.

Avenue of Stars Hong Kong
At Avenue of Stars Hong Kong. Sat down for a while as my feet were already hurting from a lot of walking with those slippers (while shooting).

We already saw Victoria Harbour from Avenue of Stars so we just enjoyed walking our way to Victoria Harbour by following the signs to Star Ferry.

Symphony of Lights is at 8 pm everyday but we arrived at the benches right beside Victoria Harbour fronting the participating buildings at around 5 pm to secure our free seats at the limited number of benches.

Victoria Harbour Hong Kong
At Victoria Harbour Hong Kong. Relaxing while waiting for the Symphony of Lights.

The view was very good my colleagues and I found ourselves in deep conversations about ourselves and our country and the economy and wherever our topics lead us while we were waiting for the Symphony of Lights.

It was very entertaining how the lights of the different buildings owned by different big corporations synchronize with the music for around 30 minutes. It just had me smiling all throughout.

Day 3. Ocean Park and Mong Kok Night Market

I wasn’t able to go to Ocean Park as the flight back to Manila that I booked for myself was in the morning of Day3 (to the slight surprise of my colleagues, sorry guys!). This was mainly because I thought I was already spending too much for this trip.

Albert Einstein at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong
I met Albert Einstein in Hong Kong!

I am still writing Ocean Park (Admission: Php2600 in Klook) as part of this 3-day itinerary since just like Disneyland, one whole day needs to be allotted for the huge park.

Mong Kok to Ocean Park

Hong Kong train map
Zoomed in train map from mtr.com.hk. See full train map here.

Take the train from Mong Kok Station to Admiralty Station (4 stops, no transfer, Fare: HKD12 ~ Php84, Travel Time: 10 minutes). Take Exit B and ride Bus 629 to Ocean Park. (Fare: HKD10 ~ Php70).

Mong Kok night market was just a few steps away from our hostel but we didn’t have time to visit. Now that I think about it, I think it’s more of we really didn’t have the interest to shop and inevitably spend more.

Hong Kong Travel
My Hong Kong travel buddies, Ram and Roland Andrew, who are also not into shopping. Thank you guys!

You can also include the night market in your itinerary especially if you will also be staying in Mong Kok.

We passed by thrift stores on the different train stations and we bought discounted goods at one of them for our family and friends back home.

I used my Octopus card for payment as we loaded more than enough for our transportation expenses.

Do Min Joon at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong
I met Do Min Joon-shi in his library!

I always have at least a screenshot of my planned itinerary like the one I am sharing below when I travel. It serves as my guide on how to go to my intended destinations. It serves as my time tracker to make me conscious if I am spending too much time in one place. I don’t want to compromise not being able to visit all my intended destinations.

Most importantly, it serves as a reminder for me how much this trip already costs to help restrain me from spending more than what is written on my planned itinerary and budget.

When I was in Disneyland, I thought of my siblings especially our baby sister who would really enjoy Disneyland more than I did.

Hong Kong Disneyland Baymax
I got to hug dear Baymax in Hong Kong!

When I was walking and enjoying at Avenue of Stars and Victoria Harbour, I was thinking of my parents who I think should also be able to experience and enjoy what I just did.

I thought traveling abroad would be too expensive. I thought going around a foreign place would be too difficult. This trip just proved me wrong and changed my perspective on traveling.

Ngong Ping Village Hello Kitty
I met my childhood favorite character Hello Kitty and her family at Ngong Ping Village!

My perspectives on life and foreign culture also got tweaked a bit as this was my first time to be in another country. I experienced a culture totally different from what I grew up with my whole life.

I walked around Hong Kong wearing slippers and resolved to wear shoes if I will be given the resources and privilege of being able to travel again.

Madame Tussauds Hong Kong
See you on my next destination you guys!

Do you think I wore the right footwear on my next travel destination? Guess where?

Detailed Hong Kong Itinerary and Budget for Expenses for 3 Days

Our itinerary below was arranged and thoroughly researched by our friend, Roland Andrew. Credits go to him for being meticulous and paving the way for me to create itineraries similar to the one below moving forward on my next trips. I just modified some parts a bit.

Day 0

  • Buy and load Octopus card upon arrival at airport. Take train from Airport to Mong Kok. (Airport to Tsing Yi to Lai King to Mong Kok). HKD65 ~ Php450. Travel time: 38 minutes.
  • Food: ~Php650. Estimated Expenses: Php1,100

Day 1

  • Wake up early. Eat breakfast by 6:30 am.
  • Ngong Ping (Tian Tan and Po Lin). Estimated travel time is 2 hours. Leave Mongkok before 7am.
  • How to go to Ngong Ping Village from Mong Kok
  1. Mongkok Station (Tsuen Wan Line) to Lai King Station.
  2. Lai King Station (Tung Chung Line) to Tung Chung Station. Total Fare: Php115. Travel time: 33 minutes.
  3. Take Bus 23 from Tung Chung Town Centre right across Tung Chung station to Ngong Ping Village. Fare: HKD17 ~ Php115. Travel time: 50 minutes
  • Ngong Ping Village, Tian Tan and Po Lin. Leave by 10:30am for Disneyland.
  • Cable car from Ngong Ping Village to Tung Chung station: Php865 via Klook. Travel time: 25 minutes.
  • Disneyland (Php 3,800 in Klook). 
  • How to go to Disneyland from Ngong Ping Village / Tung Chung Station
  1. Tung Chung Line to Sunny Bay Station
  2. Sunny Bay Station to Disneyland Express. (Fare: HKD15 ~ Php90, Travel time: 18 minutes)
  • Stay until evening for the fireworks.
  • How to go to Mong Kok from Disneyland
  1. Disneyland to Mongkok (Disneyland to Sunnybay to Lai King to Mongkok, Fare: HKD20 ~ Php140, Travel time: 35 minutes)
  • Food: ~Php1500. Estimated Expenses: Php6,400

Day 2

  • Victoria Peak – Roundtrip Peak Tram + Sky Terrace combo costs Php550 in Klook. Best time to visit is early in the morning. Estimated travel time from Mongkok to Victoria Peak is 20 mins.
  • How to go to Victoria Peak from Mong Kok
  1.  From Mongkok station take the Tsen Wan Line to Central Station (5 stops, Fare: HKD12 ~ Php84, Travel time: 12 minutes)
  2.  From Central Station Exit J2 walk to the Garden Road.
  • Madame Tussauds (Php1500 in Klook)
  • Lunch at Tim Ho Wan. Walk from Central Station to Podium Level 1 IFC Mall.
  • Walk around and to Avenue of Stars.
  • Walk to the Victoria Harbour near the benches to watch the symphony of lights which starts around 8pm. Be at the benches in the afternoon to secure seats and vantage point.
  • Central Station to Mong Kok station Station (5 stops, Fare: HKD12 ~ Php84, Travel time: 12 minutes)
  • Food: ~Php1500. Estimated Expenses: Php3,650

Day 3

  • Check out. Leave things at accommodation if possible or inside paid lockers.
  • Ocean Park (Php 2,600 in Klook). Opening is 10am. The estimated travel time (from Mongkok) is 40 minutes.
  • How to go to Ocean Park from Mong Kok
  1. Take MTR to Admirality. (4 stops, no transfer, Fare: HKD12 ~ Php84, Travel time: 10 minutes)
  2. Go to exit B, then take bus no. 629 which goes directly to ocean park. Fare: HKD10 ~ Php70
  • Mong Kok Market and Ladies Market in Mongkok area.
  • Take train from Mong Kok to Airport. (Mong Kok to Lai King to Tsing Yi to Airport). HKD65 ~ Php450. Travel time: 38 minutes.
  • Food: ~Php1500. Estimated Expenses: Php3,650

Estimated Expenses for 3 Days: Php14,800

  • Estimated expenses exclude our actual booking on promotional prices and travel tax:
  1. Accommodation (P1000/night per person x 3 nights): Php3000
  2. Manila to Hong Kong: Php1999 via Cebu Pacific
  3. Hong Kong to Manila: Php2499 via Cebu Pacific
  4. Travel tax: Php1,620
  • This excludes all other expenses not specified in this itinerary.
  • Expenses on food is also just an estimate and will vary depending on what and where you choose to eat.
  • Actual prices may also have changed.
  • Spend frugally!

Hong Kong Trip Notes

The Hong Kong train map is very easy to familiarize. Grab free maps at the airport.

Train station counters and information centers are more than happy to help guide you how to go to your intended destination.

We already paid for our air fare, accommodation, and admission tickets before we traveled for this trip. See complete list below. Click each highlighted item to book or know the details.



3 nights in Mong Kok, Hong Kong at Geo Home Holiday Hotel


Admission Tickets and Passes

Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car


Victoria Peak Tram and Sky Terrace Combo

Madame Tussauds Hong Kong

Ocean Park


Alternate or Additional Route: Macau

Macau is just a 1-hour ride by ferry from Hong Kong. Choose from the options below:

TurboJet Ferry Fixed Date Ticket (Book Here)

  • Fixed departure schedule on chosen date
  • Enter the pier directly by scanning the QR code of your printed or mobile confirmation

TurboJet Ferry Open Ticket (Book Here)

  • Can be used any time on chosen day
  • 2-step Ticket Redemption:
    • 1. Show your confirmation to Beng Seng Travel Counter in Shun Tak Centre in Hong Kong between 9 am to 1 am to get your exchange ticket.
    • 2. Show exchange ticket to TurboJet Counter to get your ticket for the next available ferry.


  • Bring your passport (or HKID for Hong Kong permanent residents).
  • Be sure to be at the ferry terminal at least 30 minutes before your departure schedule for cross-border checks as you will be crossing to another country. 


Recommended Tour Bus Around Macau

Macau Open Top Hop On – Hop Off Bus (Book Here)

  • Day Tour (9:30 am to 5:30 pm)
  • Present printed or mobile confirmation at Counter Unit 1645, Arrival Hall, Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal (Open daily from 9:15am-4:00pm)
  • Route: Macau Ferry Terminal – Macau Fisherman’s Wharf (Harbourview Hotel) – Macau Science Center – Kun Iam Statue – Hotel Lisboa – New Yaohan (Grand Emperor Hotel – Macau Tower – A-Ma Temple – Galaxy Macau – Broadway Macau – The Venetian Macao – Macau Ferry Terminal
  • Take note of the time schedule and the bus stops for each destination


Plane Tickets

Manila to Hong Kong via Cebu Pacific

Hong Kong to Manila via Cebu Pacific


The following will also be essential for your DIY itinerary.

Octopus Card

Pocket WiFi


  • Researching how to go to your intended destination pays.
  • Ask around if you get lost or aren’t sure. 
  • Food can be pretty expensive (relative to Php) but can be really, really good.
  • Hong Kong is a good place to walk around. Enjoy! 🙂


Travel Tips From Yours Truly

Travel Tips from a Frugal Traveler

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Keep these travel tips in mind to help you make the most of your travels.

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