A Night of Overlooking View at Mt. Moiwa

Mt Moiwa Sapporo Japan
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Get an exciting ride up the Mt. Moiwa Observation Deck for an amazing overlooking view of Sapporo from an altitude of 531 meters!

A visit to Sapporo should include riding their streetcar, ropeway, and cablecar on your list and you can do all these when you make your way to Mt. Moiwa. 
Mt. Moiwa
This amazing view will greet you as you make your way up to the Mt. Moiwa Observation Deck.
How to Go to Mt. Moiwa from Sapporo Station
1. Ride the Namboku line train from Sapporo Station to Odori Station (1 stop, 1 minute, JPY210 ~ Php100). Take Exit 10 and walk 170 meters to Nishiyonchome Station.
2. Ride the Sapporo Shiden line streetcar from Nishiyonchome Station to Ropeway Iriguchi Station (9 stops, 19 minutes, JPY200 ~ Php100).
3. Ride the free shuttle bus nearby or walk 600 meters slightly uphill to the Mount Moiwa Ropeway lower station from Ropeway Iriguchi station.
4. Ride the ropeway from Mount Moiwa Ropeway lower station then transfer to a cable car on the way to the  observation deck. (17 minutes, JPY900 ~ Php450 one way)
You can book your Mt. Moiwa roundtrip ropeway and cable car ticket and admission through Klook here to skip queuing for tickets at the ropeway station.
Mt. Moiwa
Lovelocks at the Mt. Moiwa Observation Deck!
There is a free shuttle bus to the Lower Ropeway Station every 15 minutes but we were not able to find it when we alighted from the streetcar’s Ropeway Iriguchi Station. We just walked our way 600 meters to Moiwa Sanroku Station of the Moiwayama Ropeway line. 
Googlemaps says the free shuttle bus to the Ropeway is just 70 meters from Ropeway Iriguchi Station. We only learned where it was when we were dropped off at the bus stop from a free ride from the Ropeway Station on our way back to our hostel. 
Mt. Moiwa
It’s quite magical high up the Mt. Moiwa Observation Decks. Prepare to be amazed!
The Mt. Moiwa Observation Deck can only be reached through the ropeway so we really had no choice but to walk to the Lower Ropeway Station after alighting from the streetcar at Ropeway Iriguchi Station. It was a slightly uphill climb and a good exercise at that amidst the cold weather. 
It was a good walk since we were spoiled afterwards with good slow rides climbing up to the observation through the ropeway until we transferred to a cablecar before reaching the deck. 
Mt. Moiwa
Enjoying Mt. Moiwa with friends. 🙂
You can feel your adrenaline rush as the rides seemed to take too slow and long as you go higher up. You can watch our vlog for this trip to Mt. Moiwa here.
The overlooking view of the city night lights of Sapporo from 531 meters up the Mt. Moiwa Observation Deck is awesome. 
Mt Moiwa Sapporo Japan
Ring the bell of happiness while enjoying an overlooking view of Sapporo at Mt. Moiwa!
Mt Moiwa Sapporo Japan
The city night lights of Sapporo from 531 meters up at the summit of Mt. Moiwa. You’ll enjoy the view, too!


Don’t miss Mt. Moiwa when you visit Sapporo and tell me about your experience! 🙂

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