the writer

Hi! I'm Natasha.

I was a full-time banker who got to take a much-needed breather when I traveled. I love being challenged. Adventures and whatever engages my logic get me excited. I so love the ocean, the mountains, and the outdoors!

I get to know myself more when I write and I find myself at my best when I take a break enjoying the beauty of nature even if it means just standing at the top of Cabot Tower in Bristol to behold the beautiful sunset as it paints the sky red before slowly disappearing from the horizon on the ocean. 🙂

I am currently in the UK pursuing postgraduate studies! 

I set up this blog for three main reasons:

1. I love to write.

2. I am doing this for friends who find my travel itineraries and advices helpful.

3. I want to document my experiences.

i love to write

I really want to write but being a full-time postgraduate student while wearing different hats working part-time gives me an easy excuse that I am too busy to write. 

I invested time, brain cells, and resources to set up this blog. I can’t just not write knowing this, can I?

I am doing this for friends

My friends have been asking for budget and itinerary details on my travels, which are by the way just a handful so far. 

Many of them seem amazed how I spent only this much and how I was able to visit this number of destinations in this number of days. 

So why not write about them once and for all?

I want to document my experiences

As long this blog is up, I will be able to save memories in a media I can call my own. I am not just documenting through photos but also through writing. 

I can share and access these good memories anytime and anywhere. How can that be not good for me?

Get to know me more and journey with me as you read my posts! 🙂