Asahikawa Winter Festival Day Tour From Sapporo

Asahikawa Winter Festival
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Make the most of your winter visit in Sapporo by going on a day tour to the Asahikawa Winter Festival from Sapporo for a day full of snow sculptures, ice sculptures, snowmen, Asahikawa food, and fun snow activities. 

The Asahikawa Winter Festival highlights its biggest snow sculpture, once recognized by Guinness World Records as the biggest built snow sculpture in 1994,  which is used as a stage for performances and concerts throughout the day during the festival. 
Asahikawa Winter Festival
That’s the biggest snow sculpture of the Asahikawa Winter Festival behind us used as a stage by the performers entertaining those bunch of audience. We’re doing that giant ice slide at the back later!
The biggest snow sculpture is connected to a giant ice slide where you can slide down fast beside a beautiful view of the river and the Asahibashi bridge!
Asahikawa Winter Festival
Beautiful view of the river and some snow while waiting for our turn for the giant ice slide.
The Asahikawa Winter Festival has two sites, the Asahibashi site at Tokiwa Park and the Heiwa Dori site at Kaimono Koen Street. 
Walking our way to the Asahibashi site of the Asahikawa Winter Festival passing through Tokiwa Park made us shriek in happiness as snowmen lined up to welcome us to the festival.
Asahikawa Winter Festival
Cute little snowmen lined up on both sides to welcome us to Tokiwa Park for the Asahikawa Winter Festival.
How to Go to the Asahikawa Winter Festival from Sapporo
By Train
1. Ride the JR Soya-Sarobetsu Soya line train from Sapporo station to Asahikawa station. (Travel time: ~1.5 hours, Fare: JPY5220 ~  Php2600)
2. Walk to the Asahikawa Winter Festival sites. 
By Bus
1. Ride the bus from Sapporo Eki mae Bus Terminal to Asahikawa Eki mae. (Travel time: ~2.5 hours, Fare: JPY2100 ~ Php1000)
2. Walk to the Asahikawa Winter Festival sites.
Asahikawa Winter Festival
We did the Banana Ride for some thrills along the snow slopes!

Admission to the festival sites is free. 

We chose to ride the bus, the cheaper but longer option, to save on transportation cost and to catch up with sleep at the same time. We aimed to wake up early to sleep again on the way. Haha
Asahikawa Station was our intended stop but I was awake when we were nearing the station and I noticed that the next bus stop, somewhere at 1 Chome 4, was nearer to Tokiwa Park compared to Asahikawa Station. 
Asahikawa Winter Festival
Lots of amazing snow sculptures and activities await with a view of the Asahibashi Bridge.
I had to press the Stop button at my bus seat and off I alighted with my friends who were just following me even if I get lost. 
Snowmen and more snowmen greeted us as we walked our way to the biggest snow sculpture, the highlight of the festival.
Asahikawa Winter Festival
These cute snowmen sure made me smile as I walked my way to the Asahibashi site of the Asahikawa Winter Festival.
The huge snow sculptures made the kid inside me so happy especially when I got reunited with my Star Wars friends.
Asahikawa Winter Festival
My favorite among the amazing snow sculptures during the Asahikawa Winter Festival. I’ve never been this close to Master Yoda, Darth Vader, and BB-8!
Asahikawa Winter Festival
This and other amazing big snow sculptures are displayed around the area.
We queued for a few minutes to try the giant ice slide which made me just laugh my nervousness out as I was sliding down unexpectedly too fast.
Asahikawa Winter Festival
We’re so close to doing that ice slide behind us! That’s the Asahibashi Bridge again at the background.
Our excitements heightened up as we heard the shrieks of mostly kids while waiting for our turn for the thrilling Banana Snowride.
Asahikawa Winter Festival
We’re next and we’re ready for the Banana Ride! There are too many kids around us!
Asahikawa Winter Festival
Guide map for the Asahikawa Winter Festival. It includes the rates of the activities we can do inside. The giant ice slide is free though!
Performers on the stage sure set the vibe around the area and sure made me smile with their good music as we had to finally leave for the ice sculptures at the Heiwa Dori site.
Asahikawa Winter Festival
Thank you for the good music, performers!
It was a fun 800-meter walk to the Heiwa Dori site as we enjoyed the snow and the trees and everything around. I did my snow angel attempt and we took turns in kicking snowballs to the air. 
Asahikawa Winter Festival
At Tokiwa Park for the Asahikawa Winter Festival
The Heiwa Dori site of the Asahikawa Winter Festival is where the ice sculptures for the annual Ice World Sculpture Competition are displayed. 
Asahikawa Winter Festival
Ice World Sculpture Competition during the Asahikawa Winter Festival
The first ice sculptures I witnessed already had me awestruck and we still had ten blocks of them left and right as we walked our way on the stretch of the Kaimono Koen street. 
Asahikawa Winter Festival
The details on each of the ice sculptures like this along Heiwa Dori Kaimono Koen street for the Asahikawa Winter Festival were amazing!
Our amazement to each of the ice sculptures slowed our pace that we barely made it on time before Asahikawa Ramen Aoba closed for the day.
Asahikawa Winter Festival
More ice sculptures like this at every block along the stretch of Kaimono Koen street! Wow!
Where to Eat in Asahikawa
I highly recommend trying Asahikawa Ramen, “one of the three best ramen in Hokkaido”, at Ramen House Aoba or popularly known as Asahikawa Ramen Aoba just around five blocks from Asahikawa Station. 
Asahikawa Ramen Aoba
Had one of the three best ramen in Hokkaido, the Asahikawa ramen, at Asahikawa Ramen Aoba!
My Asahikawa Winter Festival experience was a day filled with fun, adventure, excitement, and laughter. I even got to eat Asahikawa Ramen, “one of the three best ramen in Hokkaido” during this trip. You can watch our vlog for this Asahikawa Winter Festival day tour from Sapporo here
Will I visit Asahikawa or its Winter Festival again? I wouldn’t hesitate going back! 
Asahikawa Winter Festival
Thank you, Asahikawa!
We had enough time to visit the Asahiyama Zoo nearby on the same day. Want to know what waited for us at Asahiyama Zoo? 

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