Danyang and Seoraksan National Park Itinerary from Seoul

Seoraksan National Park
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South Korea will always be a special country for me. My first visit got me so overwhelmed when I visited scenic tourist spots and famous shooting sites that I only saw (and wished I could visit one day) on movies. My second visit ignited my love for skiing, snow, and winter and South Korea was the first country to make me experience all these. 

Every time I travel, I always plot the places I want to visit, the train or bus I have to ride, the time it takes to travel from where I will be coming from, the fare I have to prepare or load on my transportation card, and how long I will be staying at each destination.  
Nami Island
Walked around Nami Island during my first visit to South Korea.


Coming up with a DIY itinerary which is too calculated and well-researched must be the reason why I often still get lost or not get to follow everything on time. I really wonder why it is always like this. Haha
Vivaldi Ski Park Resort
I learned and loved to ski at Vivaldi Ski Park Resort during my second visit to South Korea!
If I get to visit South Korea again, the adventurer and scenery person in me is so visiting the following places I just discovered mostly from Korea Tourism Organization.

Danyang: Paragliding, Mancheonha Skywalk, and Chungju Lake Cruise

I plan to visit Danyang on a day tour so I will start my day very early and just catch up with sleep on the almost 3-hour ride from Seoul to Danyang.
Mancheonha Skywalk
Mancheonha Skywalk will be welcoming me by 9 or 10 in the morning before I enjoy the scenic view of the mountains, glide through the zip wire 120 meters above the Namhan river, and ride the alpine coaster through the forest and terrain around the area.
Mancheonha Skywalk
Mancheonha Skywalk. Photo from Korea Tourism Organization.

Adress: (395852) Mancheonha Skywalk, 94 Aegok-ri, Jeokseong-myeon, Danyang-gun

Skywalk Usage Fee: KRW3,000 ~ PHP150 (Access their official website here for updates and more details)

How to Go to Mancheonha Skywalk from Seoul
1. Ride the bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal to Danyang Intercity Bus Terminal. (1 stop, 2.5 hours, KRW14500 ~ PHP700)
2. From Danyang Intercity Bus Terminal, ride the city bus toward Jeokseong-myon (Aegok) and stop at Mancheonha Skywalk. 
Chungju Lake Cruise
I will be cruising through Chungju Lake from Janghoe Naru in Danyang to witness the different scenic spots around the area including some formations belonging to the Eight Scenic Views of Danyang. 
Chungju Lake
Chungju Lake (Photo from Korea Tourism Organization)
Cruise Information
Fare: KRW14,000 ~ PHP700
Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes
Departure Time: Hourly from 10 am to 5 pm on weekends and peak season / 11 am and 2 pm only off-peak season (See details and updates here)
How to Go to the Chungju Lake Cruise from Danyang
From Danyang Intercity Bus Terminal inside the Danuri Center, ride the direct bus to the Janghoenaru entrance of Chungju Lake Cruise.
Alternatively, from each Danyangeup Station, take the bus to the Janghoenaru entrance of Chungju Lake Cruise 
Travel time for both options: ~30 minutes
Visit their official website here or the Visit Korea site here for more details. 
I will be paragliding over Danyang for an amazing view of the mountains and the surrounding formations from the top at sunset! 
Danyang Paragliding
Danyang Paragliding. Photo from Creatrip.
Booking through Trazy here will make you choose your time and where you want to be picked up, Danyang Station or Danyang Intercity Bus Terminal.
Paragliding fee starts at around PHP3,000.

Sokcho: Seoraksan National Park

I will be staying at one of the shelters within Seoraksan National Park for two nights to make the most of my time exploring the huge park and immerse myself in the beauty of the mountains.
Seoraksan National Park
Seoraksan National Park (Photo from Korea Tourism Organization)
Gwongeumsong Fortress, the ruins of a castle built on the mountains, is on top of my list and I am definitely doing one or two hiking courses (or more? Haha) around the mountains but it heavily depends on my physical fitness level by the time I travel and my companion/s if there will be any. 🙂 
Seoraksan National Park
Seoraksan National Park cable car to Gwongeumsong Fortress (Photo from Korea Tourism Organization)
I am looking at doing the Gwongeumsong Course and Yangpok Course for warm-up and one of the Daecheongbong courses to be able to explore more parts of the mountain in one hike but I may end up doing just one or two of the day courses which only take a few hours. 
Visit their official website here for the list of hiking courses under the Difficulty by Course tab.
Seoraksan National Park
Seoraksan National Park (Photo from Korea Tourism Organization)
Shelter Fee: Starts at KRW5,000 ~ PHP200 per night per person 
Bedding Fee: KRW2,000 ~ PHP100 per night
Visit their official website here for the shelter and bedding fees under Park Guide – Information Fee tab.
To Ride from Seoul
1. Bus from Dong Seoul Terminal to Sokcho Express Bus Terminal for 2.5 hours.
2. Bus 7 or Bus 7-1 from Sokcho Express Bus Terminal to Seoraksan National Park for 40 minutes.
You can also visit the Visit Korea website here for more details.
Where to Eat
Hansongjeong Garden
Hansongjeong Garden
Hansongjeong Garden (Photo from Korea Tourism Organization)
Recommended Menu:
Saengdeungsim (Beef Sirloin)
Yangnyeom Sogalbi (Marinated Grilled Beef Ribs)
Beoseot Bulgogi (Bulgogi with Mushrooms)
Doenjang Jjigae (Soybean Paste Stew)

Landmarks Near the Restaurant
Sokcho Police Station, Dongudae Humun Sageori (the intersection in front of the back gate of Dong-U College), and Eungmeulgyo Bridge.

Visit the Visit Korea website here for more details of the restaurant.

This itinerary is best done in autumn. What do you think about this 3 nights and 4 days (3D/4N) itinerary in South Korea? 🙂

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