Glamping and Strawberries at Taglucop Strawberry Hills

Taglucop Strawbery Hills
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Go glamping, strawberry picking, and enjoy the cold from high up the mountains at Taglucop Strawberry Hills in Bukidnon!

Taglucop Strawberry Hills welcomes their guests with grapes, orange cuts, chips and strawberry jam among others on their cozy restaurant. 
Taglucop Strawberry Hills
Get served with these complementary snacks upon arrival!
Taglucop Strawberry Hills
Our group enjoying our welcome snacks at the Taglucop Strawberry Hills restaurant.


How to Go to Taglucop Strawberry Hills
Taglucop Strawberry Hills Address: Lorega, Kitaotao, Bukidnon
You can pin Taglucop Strawberry Hills in Googlemaps or Waze and just follow the directions. The signal can go intermittent on the way so make sure to take note of the landmarks. 
Taglucop Strawberry Hills
These are the landmarks before and after Taglucop Strawberry Hills if you are coming from Valencia or Malaybalay in Bukidnon.  (Screenshot from Google Maps)
Our group rented a van and it took us around three hours to reach Taglucop Strawberry Hills from Malaybalay where we had our lunch.
Taglucop Strawberry Hills
Lots of strawberries at Taglucop Strawberry Hills!
How to Book at Taglucop Strawberry Hills
You can inquire and book through their Facebook page here before paying to confirm your booking.
Our group of ten booked two tents. Our overnight visit was a branch outing with the tents reservation sponsored by one of our colleagues and the rest of the expenses divided by the rest of us.
Taglucop Strawberry Hills
Wake up with this beautiful view early in the morning!
The rate per night may be a bit expensive compared to most of the rates around the area but I can say it is worth the glamping experience on the mountains with impressive facilities and personnel. We enjoyed every moment of our visit! 
Enjoy the surroundings as you walk around the area. You can also dip in the swimming pool if you can bear the cold from up high. 
Taglucop Strawberry Hills.
TSH Glamping. Where friends and marshmallows get toasted at the same time.


You can also opt to do the strawberry picking and ATV ride during your visit. 
They sell strawberry jam and banana chips among others at the restaurant counter, too. 
Taglucop Strawberry Hills
Breakfast with company.


If you are one who loves the mountains, good food, and very comfortable camping in one experience, I highly recommend Taglucop Strawberry Hills. 
Taglucop Strawberry Hills
Every one of us enjoyed our stay at Taglucop Strawberry Hills. 🙂
Taglucop Strawberry Hills is a very good place to spend time with people close to you. Tell me about your TSH experience! 🙂 
Taglucop Strawberry Hills
Tell me about your glamping experience at TSH! 🙂

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