High Up Foggy Hoyohoy View Deck

Hoyohoy View Deck
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I decided to drive to Pagadian City on a holiday to attend the funeral of my former co-employee on my first assignment, Pagadian Branch, and visit Hoyohoy View Deck in Tangub City as the highlight of this trip on the way back to Iligan City on the same day. 
BPI Pagadian
All smiles with long-time, no-see Pagadian branch co-employees. 🙂
The self-proclaimed economical woman in me made me invite four colleagues to travel with me not just to accompany me on the long roads (and keep me awake) but also (and most importantly) split the costs on gas and barge fee. 
Hoyohoy View Deck
The gang for this trip. Maximizing my 5-seater old, black sedan to minimize the cost per person for this day tour. Haha
I used to drive to Pagadian City for only two and a half hours from Iligan City (wow, that was five to six years ago!) but the already crowded towns of Kapatagan, Maranding, Lala, and Aurora made it difficult for me to drive fast and smooth.
Lunch with BPI Pagadian people before driving my way to Ozamiz through Tangub City.
It had to take a funeral service to make me reunite and bond again with former colleagues. Conversations and laughters just like the old times continued over lunch. 
Hoyohoy View Deck
Enjoying the fog and the view high up the Hoyohoy View Deck
Much as we wanted to continue reminiscing about the good old times, we had to say our goodbyes once again as we had to start to make our way back to Iligan City early in the afternoon. Driving the long roads at night requires more alertness and poses more risks for me, you know. 
We passed by the barter store in Pagadian to buy my favorite Apollo wafers before making our way to Tangub City.  
Apollo Wafers
This, my friends, is my favorite brand of wafer sticks. I can’t go to Pagadian without buying this. 🙂
I passed by the Tangub-Ozamiz route on the way back to Iligan City to be able to visit Hoyohoy View Deck. I did my research but no one ever warned me of the hazards and nervousness I had to battle against on the way.
This trip made me drive my steepest incline which made me doubt the capabilities of my ever reliable old, black sedan as I also had to do my sharpest turn while hanging on for dear life on the very steep road. 
Hoyohoy View Deck
Still managed to smile at Hoyohoy View Deck after driving my steepest slope while doing my sharpest turn. Never again!
I already resolved to never drive again to Hoyohoy View Deck. I thought it will be a better ride going down as I already know what lay ahead of me but wait, there’s more. 
After visiting every corner of Hoyohoy View Deck and enjoying the view from the top, we made our way to the parking lot while it is still not dark so that I can still see the road clearly but ‘lo and behold, the heaviest fog I have ever seen was before me as I drove down.
Hoyohoy View Deck
Smiling through the glass floor at Hoyohoy View Deck with absolutely no idea of the foggy horror that awaits as we make our way down back to the highway.
I would’ve reversed the car back to the parking lot but a couple of vehicles were already following behind me and there were also cars moving up on the other side of the narrow two-lane steep road we were in.
We all had to engage our hazard signals and move very, very slow. It was the best way we could do to avoid bumping into each other. The fog was very dense and heavy I couldn’t even see anything past my car’s wiper as I was driving down the steep, steep road.
Hoyohoy View Deck
Never thought that fog behind me will follow me as I drive down. Yikes!
All I could see was heavy, white fog which felt like we were driving through clouds. Wow! I’ve never been so nervous while driving. 
Inch by inch we moved down until we reached an area where I could finally clearly see everything ahead of me. We made our way to the pier in Ozamiz City to ride the barge that will take us and my car across the waters to Mukas. 
Stop over on the roadside for the wind and the sea breeze.
I have ridden the barge many times already but always as a passenger, mostly a bus passenger. On this trip, I rode as a car driver and my passengers had to alight and leave me alone as I queue my car to get inside the barge. 
Ozamiz Pier
Them taking a picture at Ozamiz Pier as I queue my car on my own before boarding the barge. Go guys!
It was already dark when my car finally got aboard the barge. When we docked at Mukas to make our way to Iligan City, it was raining so hard. 
Good thing I maneuvered through the four-lane road by using the rightmost lane which all the other car drivers were afraid to take. I went past many vehicles until I got out of the slow-moving traffic.
At Ozamiz before queuing at the pier. Smile while you still can. Darkness and rain awaits your drive back to Iligan City in a moment! Hahaha
This trip was quite an adventure. An overlooking view from high up a mountain like what Hoyohoy View Deck gives its visitors always excites me and humbles me at the same time.
I drove around seven hours on this trip, my longest in a day so far. I also drove my steepest and my highest altitude on the way to Hoyohoy View Deck. 
Hoyohoy View Deck
What a day tour! 🙂
“Never again” but if ever I will do all these again, someone good and reliable will have to drive. Just not me. 
Your thoughts about this trip? 🙂 

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