Nabana no Sato Day Tour from Nagoya

Nabana no Sato from Nagoya
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A day tour to Nabana no Sato from Nagoya will make you cap your day so amazed that you want to go back as soon as you can and experience everything again in this botanical garden and themed park in one place.

Nabana no Sato holds one of the biggest illuminations in Japan within October to May so I would say these are the best months to visit Nabana no Sato.

Nabana no Sato from Nagoya
Walking inside Nabana no Sato with these trees along the river is just so beautiful!

It takes only a 30-minute train or bus ride from Nagoya Station to Nabana no Sato so there is no reason for you to not include it in your itinerary.

Nabana no Sato from Nagoya
Nabana no Sato's humble entrance will not prepare you for the illuminations ahead inside.
The admission fee at Nabana no Sato is JPY2,300 ~ Php1,100 inclusive of JPY1,000 voucher which you can spend inside the park. You can purchase your ticket in advance through Klook here.
How to Go to Nabana No Sato from Nagoya
By Train and Bus
1. Ride the Kintetsu-Nagoya Line train from Kintetsu-Nagoya Station to Kintetsu-Nagashima Station. (5 stops, Travel Time: 23 minutes, Fare: JPY410 ~ Php200)
2. Ride the bus to Nabana no Sato from Kintetsunagashima Ekimae Bus Stop outside Kintetsu-Nagashima Station. Last bus trip to Nabana no Sato is at 7:45 pm. (1 stop, Travel time: 8 minutes, Fare: JPY220 ~ Php100)
By Bus
Ride the Nagashima Onsen bus to Nabana no Sato from the Meitetsu Bus Center outside Nagoya Station. (1 stop, Travel Time: 35 minutes, Fare: JPY950 ~ Php450)
By Booking Roundtrip Transfers with a visit to Nagashima Outlet
You can also arrange a roundtrip transfer from Nagoya through Klook here (~Php3,000) with a visit to Mitsui Outlet Park Jazz Dream Nagashima.
Nabana no Sato from Nagoya
The Great River of Lights synchronizes its lights with different colors to a music which will captivate your emotions.
Don’t forget to take note of the last bus trips to Nagoya Station or to Kintetsu-Nagashima Station which are after the park is closed at 9pm. Know where you will queue after the park closes. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to leave the main exhibit until all the lights and music are already off.
Start your Nabana no Sato experience early in the afternoon to be able to visit the huge areas with different themes and see the overwhelming abundance of beautiful flowers in daylight.
Nabana no Sato from Nagoya
Look at this beauty in daylight and at night!
Each corner of the park will already leave you awestruck especially at night when the lights, music, and colors are creatively synchronized all around the area that it made me feel helplessly emotional (I’m pretty sure you will, too!). How much more if you can view everything from very high up?
The panoramic overlooking view of the park from the observatory, which by the way really looked like a spaceship as it went down to land, will be the icing on the cake on your Nabana no Sato experience.
Nabana no Sato from Nagoya
The Nabana no Sato observatory! It landed from so high up it really looked like a spaceship!
I honestly did not expect much with Nabana no Sato as I have been to other night or winter illuminations already. Well, I forgot how my Sapporo Snow Festival experience just days before arriving in Nagoya for this trip has made it very clear that Japan does animations with lights and music so well. In fact, Japan illuminations are simply the best I’ve seen so far.
The bus from Kintetsu-Nagashima Station or from Nagoya Station will take you to a humble entrance before paying the admission fee.
Nabana no Sato from Nagoya
Walk through this humble entrance of Nabana no Sato before everything else will be so overwhelming.

You will then be greeted by a photo op location where you can put your phone securely on a platform that can make you take a good shot on timer mode.

Nabana no Sato from Nagoya
Phone platforms like the one on Nabana no Sato can really help visitors especially solo travelers take good pictures.

We were so overwhelmed when we saw a cherry blossom tree that my friends took a little too much time taking pictures of it without knowing there is a huge orchard of cherry blossoms further down the park. 

Nabana no Sato from Nagoya
Don’t make the same mistake of getting too overwhelmed with this cherry blossom tree. There’s a whole lot ahead! 🙂
Nabana no Sato from Nagoya
There are cherry blossoms everywhere on this area!
Nabana no Sato from Nagoya
This garden changes light colors with the beautiful music. My pictures are not doing justice to its beauty. You have to visit Nabana no Sato yourself!
You can get easily overwhelmed with the Great River of Lights changing colors with the emotion-evoking music!
Nabana no Sato from Nagoya
It looked so beautiful I think I spent too much time here at the Great River of Lights just listening and pondering as I feel the music and lights.
The Tunnel of Light with the white lights looking like cotton balls made my walk through it so dreamy that I just don’t want the tunnel to end. Well, it has to end to prepare my way to the Main Area for the main exhibit of the park. 
Nabana no Sato from Nagoya
You’ll walk through tunnels like this at Nabana no Sato!
The Main Area had me so awestruck I think I was open-mouthed most of the time and the only word I could utter again and again is “Wow!” too many times.
Beautiful songs sung so beautifully especially on theaters are what usually make me cry on settings like this but it was the first time illuminations accompanied with good music had me in tears. Nabana no Sato is that amazing!
Nabana no Sato from Nagoya
Amazing is an understatement as I watched the main exhibit at Nabana no Sato’s Main Area. Everything is just beautiful!
Many people, including us, got so captivated with the main area and seemed to not really intend to leave until the park crew had to announce that the park is already closing. 
We actually got too overwhelmed that we never got to use our voucher for dinner or to buy goods because of our limited time inside the park, well, it is more like there are too many time-consuming spots inside. 🙂
Nabana no Sato from Nagoya
That’s the Main Exhibit behind me and it looked so real. It was truly captivating!
As if the Tunnel of White Lights, the Great River of Lights, the Main Area, each of the gardens with all the music and colors and with the abundance of cherry blossoms, begonia, roses, and many more were not enough, you will get to pass through yet another beautiful Tunnel of Green Lights to usher you to the exit. 
Nabana no Sato from Nagoya
Walk through this Tunnel of Green Lights as you exit Nabana no Sato from the main area. It makes you long to go back and visit every corner all over again.
I was already longing to visit Nabana no Sato again as soon as I can when we were already on our way back to Nagoya. We couldn’t even stop talking about how overwhelmingly beautiful everything was at the park. 
You can watch our vlog here so you will virtually see why I just found a place where I will always visit everytime I will be in Nagoya or somewhere near the area.
Nabana no Sato from Nagoya
Nabana no Sato with friends! 🙂
Nabana no Sato is a good place for everyone. Visit with family, friends, and loved ones for a more memorable experience with good music, too!
Who doesn’t want to go back to a place where every corner evokes so much emotions and  where the main exhibit, which by the way changes its grand theme every year, can bring out some of your good tears? 
Nabana no Sato from Nagoya
What can you say about Nabana no Sato? Tell me your thoughts! 🙂

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