Places to Visit and Things to Do in Nagoya

Shirakawa Village
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My visit to Japan on a winter season limited my time to explore more of Nagoya but I can say I was able to make the most of my two days in Nagoya and my second visit to Japan at that. 

I chose to leave Japan through Nagoya mainly for Shirakawa Village but what was in store for me for two days was so much more than I expected.
Shirakawa Village from Nagoya
Crossing this bridge at Shirakawa Village with the snow-covered mountains and the river had me awestruck.


I strongly recommend doing the list of places to visit and things to do in Nagoya below especially if you only have so much time to enjoy Nagoya.

1. Shirakawa-go
Shirakawa Village from Nagoya
Make your way to the Shirayama Viewpoint to have this beautiful overlooking view of Shirakawa Village!
Go on a day tour from Nagoya to Shirakawa Village to enjoy the beautiful scenery of farmhouses with the surrounding mountains and a river on this UNESCO World Heritage site.
Walk around the village and walk a slightly uphill trail to the Shiroyama Viewpoint to get a better overlooking view of the village. Support the livelihood of the locals as you buy food and souveneirs scattered around the area.
Shirakawa Village from Nagoya
Marvel at each of the farmhouses like this at Shirakawa Village.


How to Go to Shirakawa-go / Shirakawa Village from Nagoya
Commuting By Bus
Ride the bus bound for Shirakawago Bus Terminal from Meitetsu Bus Center outside Nagoya Station. (5 stops, Travel time: 2 hours and 42 minutes, Fare: JPY4,000 ~ Php2,000)
Joining a Group Tour
I personally recommend joining a group tour (~Php2800 in Klook) here for your Shirakawago day tour from Nagoya with a tour guide. Bus trips to and from Shirakawa-go are infrequent and limited.
2. Takayama
Takayama from Nagoya
Enjoy the traditional houses and buildings at Takayama!
Roam around the historic old town of Takayama of the Gifu Prefecture on a day tour from Nagoya for a glimpse of the Edo Period. 
Enjoy the dominantly wooden architectures and the traditional Japanese houses as you walk around. Don’t forget to try their tasty Hida beef!
Takayama from Nagoya
We tried this really good Hida Beef at Hidagyu Maruaki in Takayama!


How to Go to Takayama in Gifu from Nagoya
Commuting By Bus
Ride the bus bound for Takayama Nohi Bus Center from Nagoya Eki Taiko Doriguchi in the same building with Nagoya Station. (4 stops, Travel time: 2 hours and 35 minutes, Fare: JPY3,100 ~ Php1,500)
Joining a Group
I personally recommend joining a group tour (~Php2800 in Klook) here for your Takayama day tour from Nagoya with a tour guide to also visit Shirakawa-go on one trip.
3. Nabana no Sato
Nabana no Sato from Nagoya
Nabana no Sato is so beautiful and captivating. That’s the Main Exhibit behind me and it looks so real, doesn’t it?
Feast your eyes with the overwhelming abundance of beautiful flowers and ride their spaceship-like observatory for an overlooking and panoramic view of Nabana no Sato in Kuwana City of the Mie Prefecture.
The light illuminations also popularly known as the Nabana no Sato Winter Illuminations which usually run from October to May are just downright amazing.
Nabana no Sato from Nagoya
You’ll walk through tunnels like this at Nabana no Sato!
Nabana no Sato, a botanical garden and themed park, is open year-round and easily accessible by a 30-minute train or bus ride from Nagoya station. 
Admission fee to Nabana no Sato is JPY2,300 ~ Php1,100 including a JPY1,000 voucher which you can spend for food or goods inside the park. You can purchase your ticket in advance through Klook here.
How to Go to Nabana No Sato from Nagoya
By Train and Bus
1. Ride the Kintetsu-Nagoya Line train from Kintetsu-Nagoya Station to Kintetsu-Nagashima Station. (5 stops, Travel Time: 23 minutes, Fare: JPY410 ~ Php200)
2. Ride the bus to Nabana no Sato from Kintetsunagashima Ekimae Bus Stop outside Kintetsu-Nagashima Station. Last bus trip to Nabana no Sato is at 7:45 pm. (1 stop, Travel time: 8 minutes, Fare: JPY220 ~ Php100)
By Bus
Ride the Nagashima Onsen bus to Nabana no Sato from the Meitetsu Bus Center outside Nagoya Station. (1 stop, Travel Time: 35 minutes, Fare: JPY950 ~ Php450)
Note: Take note of the last bus trips to Kintetsu-Nagashima Station or Nagoya Station posted at the bus stops at the entrance of Nabana no Sato which closes at 9 pm. 
By Booking Roundtrip Transfers with a visit to Nagashima Outlet
You can also arrange a roundtrip transfer from Nagoya through Klook here (~Php3,000) with a visit to Mitsui Outlet Park Jazz Dream Nagashima.
4. Nagoya Castle
Nagoya Castle
Roam around this area at the Nagoya Castle.
Take a stroll to the Nagoya Castle and its castle keeps to have a glimpse of one of the largest castles in Japan built way back during the Edo Period.
The surrounding gardens and park is one of the best places to visit in the Spring Season for the cherry blossoms which were already blooming when we visited on a February!
Nagoya Castle Admission Fee: 500 yen
Nagoya Castle
The cherry blossoms at the Nagoya Castle garden were already blooming on February when we visited!
How to Go to Nagoya Castle from Nagoya Station
1. Ride the Higashiyama Line train from Nagoya Station to Sakae Station. (2 stops, 5 minutes)
2. Transfer to the Meijo Line from Sakae Station to Shikayusho Station (2 stops, 3 minutes, Total fare: JPY240 ~ Php120)
3. Take Exit 7 at Shiyakusho Station and walk to the entrance of Nagoya Castle nearby.
5. Don Quijote Nagoya Sakae
Don Quijote Nagoya Sakae
That’s Don Quijote Nagoya Sakae branch and it is a building full of discounted goods! (Photo from Don Quijote)
Walk around Sakae district for good and quality finds ranging from big brands at the high-end stores around the area to all kinds of goods and food on sale at Don Quijote Nagayo Sakae branch.
The Don Quijote branch at Nagoya Sakae has at least five floors organized to lay out for you its inventory of goods which are mostly on sale. Visit one of the Don Quijote branches throughout Japan when you visit the country!
Nearest Train Station: Sakae Station (Take Exit 1)
Nagoya Castle
Try this at Nagoya Castle. 🙂
Nagoya is a totally different city from Tokyo and Sapporo which I also visited for my Tokyo-Sapporo-Nagoya winter trip. Nagoya, like the other two cities, is a city to visit in Japan as it offers unique experiences to its visitors when you explore more of the Japanese culture and connect with the locals.
What can you say about these places to visit and things to do in Nagoya? 🙂
Shirakawa Village from Nagoya

Shirakawa Village and Takayama Day Tour from Nagoya

Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the famous Shirakawa Village, and pass by Takayama on a day tour from Nagoya.

Nabana no Sato from Nagoya

Nabana no Sato Day Tour from Nagoya

Enjoy a botanical garden and themed park in one place as you visit Nabana no Sato from Nagoya!

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