8 Places to Visit and Things to Do in Sydney

Royal National Park Sydney
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Sydney has a lot to offer to everyone from the city to the beach and all the way up to the mountains. Just ask what kind of place you want to go to or what kind of things you want to do, Sydney has it for you.

These are the places we visited when we were in Sydney as tourists. We visited on winter so I will be showing you what makes these places more special on winter.


1. Royal National Park

Topping on my list is the majestic view of the ocean roaring its waves as you do the coastal walk at the Royal National Park. 

Winter perks: It is significantly windy but it makes the walk more bearable with the low temperature during the day. We still sweated as we followed our track back at noontime. 

Royal National Park Sydney

Admission fee: AUD12.00 per person

How to go there: 

  • Ride the train to Cronulla station. (Sydney Central Station to Cronulla Station: 50 minutes, AUD2.80)
  • Take the ferry from Cronulla to Bundeena. (33 minutes, AUD6.80)
  • Walk to the start of the trail from Bundeena Pier.


2. Bondi Beach

The pristine sand and waters at Bondi Beach makes for a good place to chill and dip into the water. There’s a different kind of relaxation that only the sea breeze and the ocean waves can give.

There are several restaurants and recreational activities around. Surfers take advantage of the good waves even on winter. It wouldn’t have taken a lot to make me dare swim that very inviting beach even on winter. 

Bondi Beach
At Bondi Beach, Sydney


Winter special: The Bondi Winter Magic! Skate on the seaside open rink and watch ice show performances. Shows, art, food, and entertainment surround the area on the duration of the Bondi Winter Magic Festival. Visit their website here for the schedule. 

Bondi Winter Magic
Skating beside the beach at Bondi Winter Magic


Admission: Free

How to go there: 

  • Ride the train to Bondi Junction station. (Sydney Central Station to Bondi Junction Station: 12 minutes, AUD2.52)
  • Take Bus 333 at Bondi Junction to the Bondi Beach bus stop. (13 minutes, AUD2.24)

Here are guided activities you can do at Bondi Beach:

  • Learn to surf! (Book Here)
  • Join a quick guided tour to visit Bondi Beach, The Rocks, Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair, Sydney Opera House, and The Gap on this Half Day Tour (Book Here)


3. Sydney Opera House

You cannot go to Sydney without visiting the iconic Sydney Opera House. Appreciate its intricate architecture as you walk around the area. 

Join a guided informative tour and get inside the Sydney Opera House by booking here or watch Opera Hits inside the theater by booking here

Sydney Opera House
The iconic Sydney Opera House


Winter special: Vivid Sydney! Enjoy the lights, music, and colors available for only a few days during winter. Visit their official website here for the schedule.

Vivid Sydney
Photo from Vivid Sydney


How to go there:

  • Take the train to Circular Quay Station. (Sydney Central Station to Circular Quay Station: 9 minutes, AUD2.52)
  • Walk to the Sydney Opera House. 


4. Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is another icon you wouldn’t miss as you walk around Sydney CBD. 

Sydney Harbour Bridge
At Sydney Harbour Bridge


You can choose where to dine or sit from the restaurants and benches facing the bridge.

If you are an adrenaline junkie, you can climb to the top of the bridge’s beams by doing the Harbour Bridge Climb (Book Here) and enjoy Sydney from the bridge’s summit even on winter!

How to go there:

  • Take the train to Circular Quay Station. (Sydney Central Station to Circular Quay Station: 9 minutes, AUD2.52)
  • Walk to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


5. Manly Beach

Walk around the suburb of Manly all the way to Manly Beach for a more laidback vibe. The beach is a good place to swim on a fine weather and even on winter. Surfers enjoy the waves all year round.

Manly Beach
At Manly Beach

The suburb has everything from various restaurants to a palm tree lined path to the beach to a thrift store for discounted souvenir items. 

Manly Sydney
Walking through this palm trees in front of Manly Beach, Sydney.


How to go there:

  • Take the train to Circular Quay Station. (Sydney Central Station to Circular Quay Station: 9 minutes, AUD2.52)
  • Ride the ferry from Circular Quay Wharf 3 to Manly. (39 minutes, AUD7.65)

You can also join a quick guided tour to visit Milson’s Point, The North Head Lookout, and Manly Beach. (Book Here)


6. The Grounds of Alexandria

Enjoy good food and good ambiance at The Grounds of Alexandria. Pass by the Green Square Library on your way to The Grounds for a good read or just a good moment of silence inside the amazing 6-storey pyramid architecture.

Green Square Library
Passing by The Green Square Library on the way to The Grounds of Alexandria.


You can have a good heavy meal at The Grounds or just have a good conversation with friends over donuts and coffee or tea. The brick walls and the different themes on every corner as you walk around will form smiles on your face. 

The Grounds of Alexandria
Enjoying good food and good ambiance at The Grounds of Alexandria.


How to get there: 

  • Take the train to Green Square Station. (Sydney Central Station to Green Square Station: 3 minutes, AUD2.52)
  • Walk to The Grounds of Alexandria (1 km) passing by Green Square Library.


7. Sydney Town Hall

The Sydney Town Hall is a sight you must see especially at night. Walk around the area and you’ll also get to see the iconic Sydney Eye Tower.

Sydney Town Hall
The Sydney Town Hall


Walk further and pass through Hyde Park for a good relaxing walk to the Cathedral Square for an open skating rink open during winter. 

Cathedral Square Skating Rink
Skating at the Cathedral Square Skating Rink

How to Get There: 

  • Take the train to Town Hall Station. (Sydney Central Station to Town Hall Station: 2 minutes, AUD2.52).
  • Walk to the Cathedral Square (750 m) passing by Hyde Park and the conspicuous Sydney Eye Tower.


8. Parramatta

Walk around this historic western district in Sydney for a unique urban vibe. You can bike or stroll around the river, shop or dine at Westfield Parramatta, or tour around the city and its historic landmarks.

Winter special: The Winterlight Festival! Head to the Prince Alfred Square in Parramatta for the biggest open ice skating rink in Sydney and other attractions only available on winter. Visit their website here for the schedule.

Parramatta Winterlight Festival
Skating at the Parramatta Winterlight Festival


How to go there:

  • Take the train to Parramatta Station. (Sydney Central Station to Parramatta Station: 25 minutes, AUD2.80)

You can also take a cruise through Parramatta River as you go back to Sydney from Blue Mountains by booking here.

If there was one thing I wish I would have done on my visit to Sydney, it would be Skydiving at Wollongong for an overlooking view of the beach and the city as you jump off 15,000 ft above the ground which you can book here

Skydiving Wollongong
Skydiving at Wollongong in Sydney. (Photo from Klook)


You already know where I will be heading first the moment I will be able to touch down Sydney again. There are too many places and activities to do in Sydney. The kind of people that you interact with even adds to your already pleasant stay. Enjoy Sydney! 🙂


Check out our detailed itinerary and expenses for our 8-day trip to Sydney and Melbourne.

 Sydney and Melbourne Itinerary
 On Conversion: AUD1 ~ Php36
 On Time Zone: GMT + 10 (Australian Time is 2 hours advanced compared to Philippine Time)
Day 1Bondi Beach, Bondi Winter Magic, Parramatta, Parramatta Winterlight Festival
10:00 AMETA at Sydney International Airport. 
10:30 AMClaim booked pocket Wifi in Klook.
 Proceed to Sydney Airport train station. Purchase and load OPAL card at the train station for easier transportation transfers.
 (OPAL Top up of AUD65 ~ Php2300 will be enough for this 4-day Sydney Itinerary)
 Claim booked pocket Wifi at Sydney International Airport P7 Area. (~Php270 per day in Klook)
10:50 AMTake the train from Sydney International Airport station to Sydney Central station (Line T8, 11 minutes, AUD17.39 ~ Php620)
11:15 AMWalk to Big Hostel (400 m from Sydney Central Station on Elizabeth Street). Check in. 
 You can leave your bags at Big Hostel if your room is not yet ready upon check in. 
11:45 AMTake the train from Central Station to Bondi Junction Station (Line T4, 12 minutes, AUD2.52 ~ Php90)
 Take Bus 333 from Bondi Junction Station to Bondi Beach bus stop (13 minutes, AUD 2.24 ~ Php80)
 Bondi Beach is right across the bus stop.
12:15 PMLunch near Bondi Beach. (AUD14 ~ Php500)
 Enjoy Bondi Beach! Take a dip if you want. Or skate at Bondi Winter Magic on winter.
2:30 PMTake Bus 333 from Bondi Beach bus stop to Bondi Junction Station (18 minutes, AUD 2.24 ~ Php80)
2:50 PMTake the train from Bondi Junction Station to Parramatta Station (Line T4 to Central Station then transfer to Line T1, 50 minutes, AUD2.80 ~ Php100)
3:45 PMEnjoy Parramatta. Walk to Prince Alfred Square from Parramatta Station.
 Turn right from Parramatta Station exit. Turn right on Church St and walk along Church St all the way to Prince Alfred Square passing by the bridge through Parramatta River.
 Skate at the Parramatta Winterlight Festival at Prince Alfred Square on winter!
 Dinner. (AUD14 ~ Php500). Enjoy a moment at the Parramatta River.
 Take the train from Parramatta Station to Central Station (Line T1 or BMT, 30 minutes, AUD2.80 ~ Php100)
 Estimated Expenses: Php2,100.00 (Excluding admission to skating rinks with skateshoes rental)
Day 2Circular Quay, Manly, Manly Beach, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Town Hall
8:00 AMEat free breakfast at Big Hostel
8:30 AMWalk around Sydney CBD. 
 Walk from Big Hostel to Circular Quay (2.3 km) or take the train from Central Station to Circular Quay Station (Line T2, 8 minutes, AUD2.52 ~ Php90)
10:30 AMTake the ferry from Circular Quay Wharf No. 3 to Manly Ferry Wharf (30 minutes, AUD7.65 ~ Php270)
11:00 AMWalk around Manly. Lunch. (AUD14 ~ Php500). 
 Enjoy Manly Beach. Take a dip or just stroll around.
 A souvenir store along the block where Sushi in Manly is sells stuff at really low prices.
2:30 PMTake the ferry from Manly Wharf to Cicular Quay Wharf No. 3  (30 minutes, AUD7.65 ~ Php270)
3:00 PMWalk around Circular Quay. You might bump into an event at The Rocks like #BastilleSydney when I was there. 🙂
 Walk to the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge nearby.
 Enjoy the sunset.
 Walk from Circular Quay station to the Sydney Town Hall (1.6 km)
 Or take the train from Circular Quay station to Town Hall station (Line T2, 4 minutes, AUD2.52 ~ Php90)
 Walk around. Marvel at the architectures including the Sydney Town Hall.
6:00 PMDinner. (AUD14 ~ Php500). We had dinner at a good Japanese restaurant near Town Hall station. 
 (By good, it means good food and low price at around AUD5. 🙂 )
 Walk from Sydney Town Hall to Big Hostel (1.1 km)
 Or take the train from Town Hall station to Central station (Line T4, 2 minutes, AUD2.52 ~ Php90)
 Estimated Expenses: Php1,800.00
Day 3Royal National Park, Hyde Park, Sydney Eye Tower, Cathedral Square
7:00 AMEat free breakfast at Big Hostel
7:30 AMTake the train from Central Station to Cronulla Station (Line T4, 50 minutes, AUD2.80 ~ Php100)
8:30 AMTake the ferry from Cronulla Wharf to Bundeena (33 minutes, AUD6.80 ~ Php240). OPAL payment for Cronulla – Bundeena ferry fare is not accepted.
9:15 AMWarm up by walking from Bundeena Wharf to The Coast Track at The Royal National Park. (1.5 km)
 Follow Brighton St then turn left to Loftus St on the fork crossroad. Turn right on Bournemouth St, the first corner you’ll encounter to your right.
 Turn left on Reef St (third street corner to your left), then immediately turn right on Beachcomber Ave all the way to The Coast Track. Decide which trail/s to take.
9:45 AMRecommended: Take the trail to The Balconies through The Coast Track (800 m) for an amazing view of the ocean and the cliffs from a few meters above sea level.
 Enjoy The Balconies and the sea and the waves. 
10:15 AMWalk further to The Waterrun from The Balconies (1 km). 
10:45 AMEnjoy the view of the forest and the mountain.
11:15 AMIf you are up and fit for more adventure, walk further to The Wedding Cake Rock. (800 m with steep ascent and descent)
 Take the steps down The Waterrun (a steep descent), cross the creek to the other side and ascend the steep steps.
11:45 AMEnjoy the view at The Wedding Cake Rock.
12:15 PMYou can walk further to Marley Beach (1.6km) and Little Marley further ahead for more of the sea and the wildlife around. 
 Swimming is not advisable though. Currents are too strong and no lifesaving services are around.
 Or Walk your way back to The Coast Track down to Bundeena for lunch.
1:00 PMLunch. (AUD14 ~ Php500).
 Walk around Bundeena.
 Take the ferry from Bundeena Wharf to Cronulla (33 minutes, AUD6.80 ~ Php240). OPAL payment for Cronulla – Bundeena ferry fare is not accepted. 
2:00 PMTake the train from Cronulla Station to St James Station (Line T4, 1 hour, AUD2.80 ~ Php100). Take a rest on this hour ride.
3:00 PMTake the Elizabeth St Exit and take a leisure walk through and around Hyde Park. Enjoy the trees. 
 There’s a good view of the Sydney Eye Tower from Hyde Park.
 Walk further to the Cathedral Square along College St for the open skating rink during winter!
 Dinner. (AUD14 ~ Php500)
 Walk back to Big Hostel or take the train from St James Station to Central Station (Line T8, 4 minutes, AUD2.52 ~ Php90)
 Estimated Expenses: Php1,800.00 (Excluding admission to skating rink with skateshoes rental)
Day 4 Green Square Library, The Grounds of Alexandria
8:00 AMEat free breakfast at Big Hostel. Check out. Leave things near Hostel Reception.
8:30 AMTake the train from Central Station to Green Square Station (Line T8, 3 minutes, AUD2.50 ~ Php90)
 Cross the road from Green Square Station to the Green Square Library along Botany Road (190 m).
 Read and enjoy the silence and architecture at Green Square Library (Free admission). Walk around the area.
10:00 AMWalk from Green Square Library to The Grounds of Alexandria (1.2 km). Enjoy the city and the surroundings.
 Turn right on Botany Rd from Green Square Library then turn left on Bourke Rd all the way to The Grounds of Alexandria.
 You’ll pass through Perry Park along the way.
10:30 AMChill at The Grounds of Alexandria. Visit every corner for the themed areas.
 Lunch. (AUD14 ~ Php500)
12:30 PMWalk back to Green Square Station (1km) following Bourke Rd and turn right on O’Riordan St.
 Take the train from Green Square Station to Central Station (Line T8, 3 minutes, AUD2.50 ~ Php90)
 Return pocket wifi (Follow instructions). Go back to hostel. 
1:00 PMTake the train from Central Station to Sydney Domestic Airport Station (Line T8, 8 minutes, AUD17.39 ~ Php620)
 Check in at Sydney Domestic Airport. 
5:00 PMTouch down Avalon Airport (Melbourne). Flights to Avalon Airport are significantly cheaper.
 Take the Sky Bus from Avalon Airport to Southern Cross Station in Melbourne CBD (~Php700 in Klook)
 Dinner (AUD14 ~ Php500)
 Walk from Southern Cross Station to Nomads Hostel (1.3km). 
 Turn left from Southern Cross Station Exit along Spencer St. Turn right on La Trobe St, then turn left on William Street passing through Flagstaff Gardens.
 Turn right on A Beckett St for Nomads Hostel beside Pegasus Hotel.
 Claim booked pocket Wifi (Hotel Delivery) booked in Klook. (~Php270 per day)
 Estimated Expenses:  Php2,500.00
 Estimated Expenses for 4 Days in Sydney: P8,200.00 (Excluding Pocket Wifi rental)
Day 5Lake Mountain Alpine Resort, Steavenson Falls, Yarra Valley Ice Creamery and Chocolaterie
7:00 AMBe ready for snow! (AUD119 ~ Php4200 booked through Last Minute Day Tours Australia)
7:20 AMWait for Wildlife Tours Australia shuttle at Pegasus Apartment Hotel right beside Nomads Hostel.
9:00 AMBreakfast/snacks at Beechworth Bakery. Enjoy the pastries and the scenery. (AUD14 ~ Php500)
10:00 AMEnjoy Lake Mountain Alpine Resort. Make a snowman, or go toboganning, or go cross-country skiing (the best for me! 🙂 )
 Or just enjoy the scenery and walk around and to the summit.
 Lunch. (AUD14 ~ Php500)
2:00 PMTake a nature walk to Steavenson Falls. Enjoy the falls and the green and the fresh air.
3:00 PMTake spoonfuls of chocolates (for free!) at Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery.
 Buy chocolates and ice cream if you want. Enjoy Yarra Valley and the surroundings.
7:00 PMRequest to be dropped off at Queen Victoria Market or the nearest shuttle stop to Queen Victoria Market.
 Dinner at Queen Victoria Market. (AUD14 ~ Php500)
 It is transformed to a winter night market on winter season. Sing carols, enjoy good food, enjoy the Christmas vibe.
 Walk back to Nomads Hostel from Queen Victoria Market.
 Turn right from Queen Victoria Market along Queen St, pass through the Franklin Street Reserve, then turn right on A Beckett St just one block away for Nomads Hostel.
 Estimated Expenses:  Php5,700 (excluding snow activity/equipment rental at Lake Mountain)
Day 6Great Ocean Road Tour: Anglesea, The Surf Coast, Port Campbell National Park, The Twelve Apostles Lookout
8:00 AMEat free breakfast at Nomads Hostel
9:00 AMWait for Go West Tours shuttle at Nomads Hostel for your Great Ocean Road Sunset Tour! (~Php3700 in Klook)
 Pass by Geelong, Anglesea, Lorne, and The Surf Coast.
 Lunch at Kennett River Kafe Koala. (AUD14 ~ Php500)
 Spot some koalas hibernating on the trees near Kafe Koala.
 Do the Shipwreck Walk, Razorback Walk, and Island Archway Walk at Port Campbell National Park.
 Stop by the Great Otway National Park before enjoying the sunset at The Twelve Apostles Lookout.
7:00 PMYou can drop off at Flinders Street to visit the Federation Square, the Yarra River, and walk around Melbourne CBD.
 Choose to dine at one of the restaurants around. (AUD14 ~ Php500)
 Walk back to Nomads Hostel (1.8 km). Enjoy Melbourne CBD at night.
 Turn left on Flinders St from Federation Square/Flinders Street Station then turn right at Elizabeth St or Queen St (one block further) all the way to A Beckett St (9 blocks).
 Turn left on A Beckett St for Nomads Hostel
 Estimated Expenses:  Php4,700 
Day 7Brighton Beach Boxes,Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park, The Nobbies, Phillip Island, Penguin Parade
8:00 AMEat free breakfast at Nomads Hostel
8:30 AMWalk around Melbourne CBD and enjoy the daylight.
 Pass by State Library Victoria, the Parliament Gardens,  all the way to Fitzroy Gardens. (2.1 km)
 Turn left from Nomads Hostel on A Beckett St then turn right on Elizabeth St.
 Walk one block then turn left on La Trobe St passing by Melbourne Central Station and State Library Victoria.
 Walk four blocks then turn right on Victoria Parade St passing by the College of Surgeons Gardens.
 Walk one blocks then turn right on Nicholson St, walk one block for Parliament Gardens, then turn left on Albert St for Fitzroy Gardens just two blocks away.
 Enjoy Fitzroy Gardens and Melbourne CBD.
10:00 AMWalk back to Nomads Hostel following the same streets. (Use Google Maps to help you navigate around. 🙂 )
11:00 AMWait for Go West Tours shuttle at Nomads Hostel for your Phillip Island and Brighton Beach Boxes Day Tour! (Php4300 in Klook)
12:00 PMEnjoy Brighton Beach and the Bathing Boxes.
1:30 PMEnjoy Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park. Lunch (AUD14 ~ Php500).
 Watch the 20-minute interactive animal show at their arena and get to know more about some Australian wild animals the sanctuary has preserved.
 Feed kangaroos and wallabies. Watch a handful of koalas up close on trees. Enjoy all the animals around.
4:30 PMEnjoy the sunset at The Nobbies in Phillip Island. You might be able to spot penguins walking to their homes as you go around.
5:00 PMGet inside the Phillip Island Penguin Parade area. Dinner (AUD14 ~ Php500).
5:45 PMEnjoy the ocean at your assigned viewing area as you wait for the penguin parade.

Marvel at how the penguins get back to the shore after a day at the ocean and wait for one another as they parade their way to their man-made homes throughout the land area around Phillip Island Nature Parks.

9:00 PMDrop off at Nomads Hostel.
 Estimated Expenses:  Php4,700 
Day 8Flagstaff Gardens
8:00 AMEat free breakfast at Nomads Hostel
9:00 AMCheck out. Visit Flagstaff Gardens on your way to Southern Cross Station for the Sky Bus to Melbourne Tullamarine Airport.
 Turn right from Nomads Hostel along A Beckett St. Flagstaff Gardens is at the end of the street around 200 m away.
 Sit down. Relax. Rest with your luggage at Flagstaff Gardens. Read or just ponder as you look around and watch people. 🙂
11:00 AMMake your way to Southern Cross station. (850 m)
 Turn right from Flagstaff Gardens along La Trobe St. Turn left on Spencer St (one block) for Southern Cross Station (four blocks).
 Lunch (AUD14 ~ Php500).
12:30 PMBoard the Sky Bus to Melbourne Tullamarine Airport. (~Php550 in Klook)
1:00 PMReturn pocket Wifi booked in Klook. 
 Check in at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport.
 In-flight dinner. (~Php500)
 Estimated Expenses:  Php1,500 
 Estimated Expenses for 4 Days in Melbourne:  Php16,800 (Excluding Pocket Wifi rental)
 Estimated Expenses for 8 Days in Sydney and Melbourne:  Php25,000 (Excluding Pocket Wifi rental)

Estimated expenses exclude our actual booking on promotional prices and travel tax:

  • Accommodation in Sydney at Big Hostel (~P1,200/night per person x 3 nights): P3,600 with free breakfast
  • Accommodation in Melbourne at Nomads Hostel (~P800/night per person x 4 nights): Php3200 with free breakfast
  • Manila to Sydney: Php5999 via Cebu Pacific
  • Sydney to Melbourne: AUD79 ~ Php2800 via Jetstar
  • Melbourne to Manila: Php5999 via Cebu Pacific
  • Travel tax: Php1,720

Expenses also exclude

This excludes all other expenses not specified in this itinerary.

Expenses on food is just an estimate and will vary depending on what and where you choose to eat.

Actual prices may also have changed.

Spend frugally!


Keep left. When you walk on a busy footpath, stairs, escalator, and pretty much everywhere else, keep left. Their steering wheels are on the right side, so cars also keep left on the road.

Navigate easily around Sydney by subway, bus, or ferry by downloading the Opal app. Use the app‘s Trip Planner for real-time trip schedules from your location.

Sydney train
Chillin’ inside a train in Sydney.

On Sundays, your Opal card will only be charged a maximum of AUD2.80 for traveling the whole day through the metro, train, bus, ferry and light rail services. See updated Opal benefits here.

OPAL Card Cap Sunday
Screenshots of my Travel Activity on the Sunday I was in Sydney. Amazing!

We just walked around Melbourne CBD from the Airport Sky Bus station at Southern Cross Station to Nomads Hostel to Queen Victoria Market to as far as Fitzroy Gardens along Wellington Parade and the Federation Square along Flinders Street. Google Maps is reliable and helps a lot.

Melbourne CBD is walkable so I didn’t purchase any transportation card. Well, one of the reasons also is that I booked the tour packages listed below for my Melbourne trips. Why? Commuting is not an option so you either drive or join a tour. The latter is more convenient and cheaper for me.

Sydney Train Station
Check boards like these on train stations to make sure the train you are boarding will stop at your intended destination.

We already paid for our air fare, accommodation, and tour package before we traveled for this trip. See complete list below. Click each highlighted item to book or know the details.



3 nights in Sydney at Big Hostel (Before a dear friend invited to let us stay at her place in East Hills)

4 nights in Melbourne at Nomads Hostel


Booked Tours in Melbourne

Great Ocean Road Sunset Tour from Melbourne (Book Here)

Phillip Island Day Tour from Melbourne: Brighton Beach Boxes, Moonlit Sanctuary, and Penguin Parade (Book Here)

Lake Mountain Snow Tour (Book Here)


Airport Transfers in Melbourne

Sky Bus from Avalon Airport to Melbourne CBD​

Sky Bus from Melbourne CBD to Melbourne Tullamarine Airport


Plane Tickets

Manila to Sydney and Melbourne to Manila via Cebu Pacific

Sydney to Melbourne via Jetstar

The following will also be essential for your DIY itinerary.


Opal Card in Sydney (Purchase at the Airport train station)

Pocket WiFi (Choose Options in Klook)


  • Google Maps for real time navigation would be very useful.
  • They greet with “Hi! How’s it goin’?”, “Hi! How are you?”, and the likes.
  • Everyone talks to you with so much enthusiasm. (Quite a culture shock for me!)
  • Trams in Melbourne pass where pedestrians and cars pass.
  • Walk around. It’s clean everywhere.
  • Sydney and Melbourne are two completely different cities that you will enjoy! 🙂

Travel Tips From Yours Truly

Travel Tips from a Frugal Traveler

8 Travel Tips from A Frugal Traveler

Keep these travel tips in mind to help you make the most of your travels.

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