Punting and Walking Around Cambridge

Cambridge Punting
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Go punting in Cambridge and visit the different colleges around the University of Cambridge where notable alumni include Isaac Newton, Alan Turing, and Robert Oppenheimer! 

Castle Mound
We visited Castle Mound first thing for a good walk and a good overlooking view around. 
Castle Mound
A short uphill walk to Castle Mound for an overlooking view of Cambridge. 🙂
Newton’s Apple Tree
We passed by Newton’s Apple Tree in front of Trinity College! 
Newton's Apple Tree
An apple in front of Newton’s Apple Tree.
Mathematical Bridge
Pass through the Mathematical Bridge as you go punting!
Mathematical Bridge
The Mathematical Bridge at Queen’s College
King’s College
We intended to go inside King’s College Chapel at 5 pm but it was already closed by this time because of the summer break. 
King's College Chapel
Our view of King’s College and the chapel as we went punting.
Bridge of Sighs
Pass through the Bridge of Sighs as you go punting!
Bridge of Sighs
The Bridge of Sighs at St. John’s College


Lock Footbridge
Enjoy a view of the river Cam as you walk around or sit beside this lock footbridge! 
Jesus Lock Footbridge
The Lock Footbridge near Jesus College
We enjoyed an Italian meal for lunch. 🙂
Enjoyed coffee as we capped our day in Cambridge!

I highly recommend going punting as you will get a good view of the colleges and the bridges with a tour guide who knows the University of Cambridge and its history so well. 

Cambridge Punting
We enjoyed punting and listening to our tour guide who made it a very fun educational tour for us.


You can also book your Punting Tour online through Klook here to avoid the queue. Cambridge is packed with tourists walking around!

We enjoyed walking around and going inside colleges, too! You can also opt to book a Cambridge University Walking Tour through Klook here which already includes admission to King’s College and King’s College Chapel. 


Magdalene College Cambridge
At Magdalene College


Cambridge Punting
River Cam and punting at Cambridge! 🙂 (Photo by Tony Tom)


We had a lovely time going punting and walking around Cambridge. Tell me about your Cambridge experience! 🙂


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