Sapporo Teine Ski Resort Day Tour Skiing

Sapporo Teine Ski Resort
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Indulge yourself with beautiful scenery and Japan powder snow when you go skiing at Sapporo Teine Ski Resort, the first Winter Olympic venue in Asia with the Olympic cauldron still standing since 1972!

Sapporo Teine Ski Resort is not just one of the best ski resorts in Japan, it is also easily accessible by just a 30-minute train and bus ride from Sapporo Station.


Sapporo Teine Ski Resort
Your first view as you alight from the bus at Sapporo Teine Ski Resort’s Olympia Ski Center.
How to Go to Sapporo Teine Ski Resort from Sapporo Station
1. Ride the train from JR Sapporo Station to Teine Station (Travel time: 15 minutes, Fare: JPY340 ~ Php170)
2. Ride the bus from Teine Station to Sapporo Teine Ski Resort. You can see the bus schedule and more access details here. (Travel time: 16 minutes, Fare: JPY380 ~ Php190)
3. Alight at the resort’s Olympia Ski Center (recommended for beginners) or at Highland Ski Center (recommended for experts).
The facilities and equipments have high standards and the staff are very friendly and helpful. They offer ski lessons for beginners at reasonable prices which already include ski gear and wear rental.You can view their rates and other details from their website here
Sapporo Teine Ski Resort
We are ready! My friends have never tried skiing before but we are all excited. Let’s do this!
Sapporo Teine Ski Resort has beginner, intermediate, and advance courses including the courses used during the Olympics. Ski enthusiasts from different countries flock to the resort especially at the Highland Zone for the experts.
We were all beginners but we made the most of our time by trying the longest beginner course at 6 kilometers, the Natural Course at 4 km connecting to the Rainbow Course at 2 km. 
Sapporo Teine Ski Resort
Sapporo Teine Ski Resort guide map. The Natural Course, the only green line (for beginners) from Mt. Teine summit, connects to the Rainbow Course for the resort’s longest run! (Photo from Sapporo Teine’s official website)
To do the longest beginner course, we rode a lift and a gondola to the summit of Mt. Teine at a 1,023-meter altitude!
The initial slope of the Natural Course surprisingly seemed too steep for a beginner like us. It took us quite long to accept the fact that the only beginner course at the summit was just the Natural Course and we had to make our way down, well, reluctantly at first. 
Sapporo Teine Ski Resort
Quite a number, mostly kids, are taking ski lessons and they are really good!
Unsurprisingly, our bodies went rolling down the initial descents before the slopes became more manageable for us to be able to ski smoothly. Crazy! 
The scene before me as I went skiing down the course were just breathtaking. Everything was worth the struggle especially for beginners.
Sapporo Teine Ski Resort
Such an amazing view at Sapporo Teine Ski Resort!
There is something that they call Japan powder snow and I think I just experienced its quality as I was skiing down from the summit of Mt. Teine at Sapporo Teine Ski Resort. 
Kids doing ski lessons were overtaking me every once in a while, too. It was also quite a scene to see them ski so smoothly in groups.
Sapporo Teine Ski Resort
Get used to experts (and kids!) overtaking you as you ski. 🙂
Sapporo Teine Ski Resort
Beginners and experts overlap here. Look at that steep Women’s Giant Slalom Olympic Course behind me! I saw some snowboarders cruise so smoothly right there all the way down!
What makes the skiing experience more worthwhile is when you have gotten the hang of it even if the struggle is real. It feels so rewarding when you find yourself losing your balance less often already as you develop at least the basic skills to ski smoothly along the way. 
My ski experience at Sapporo Teine Ski Resort was challenging, fun, and fulfilling at the same time. It was my longest so far and sure it was not easy but the amazing views as I went through the course made me forget that I was initially struggling.
Sapporo Teine Ski Resort
Amazing overlooking view at the longest beginner course from the summit Mt. Teine!
You can watch our vlog for our skiing experience at Sapporo Teine Ski Resort here.
I was enjoying every moment and every scene with the wind blowing against my face that it made me want to do more long beginner courses in other places in the future if I can. I wonder when and where I can ski again. The Swiss Alps someday, maybe? 🙂 
Sapporo Teine Ski Resort
Let’s go ski again!
Sapporo Teine Ski Resort
After-ski faces with friends. We made it!
I’m sure you will enjoy skiing if you try it, too! Want to ski somewhere soon? Tell me about your plans and experience!

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