Shirakawa Village and Takayama Day Tour from Nagoya

Shirakawa Village from Nagoya
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Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the famous Shirakawa Village, and pass by Takayama on the way on a day tour from Nagoya for scenic views and traditional Japanese houses.

The Shirakawa Village is such a village to visit and a sight to see especially on winter when the houses are covered with snow with illuminations at night. 
Shirakawa Village from Nagoya
Crossing this bridge at Shirakawa Village with the snow-covered mountains and the river had me awestruck.
The old town of Takayama takes you back to the Edo Period with the traditional and wooden houses and architecture as you stroll around the area. 
Takayama from Nagoya
That’s the Miyagawa River in Takayama as we walked through the streets of Takayama.
How to Go to Shirakawa Village and Takayama from Nagoya
I recommend joining a group tour (~Php2800 in Klook) by booking here for a convenient roundtrip transfer from Nagoya with a tour guide and to save on transportation costs.
You can also commute by riding a bus from Nagoya station with details below.
Commuting to Shirakawa-go from Nagoya
Ride the bus bound for Shirakawago Bus Terminal from Meitetsu Bus Center outside Nagoya Station. (5 stops, Travel time: 2 hours and 42 minutes, Fare: JPY4,000 ~ Php2,000)
Commuting to Takayama from Nagoya
Ride the bus bound for Takayama Nohi Bus Center from Nagoya Eki Taiko Doriguchi in the same building with Nagoya Station. (4 stops, Travel time: 2 hours and 35 minutes, Fare: JPY3,100 ~ Php1,500)
Shirakawa Village
We found a working watermill as we walked through the streets at Shirakawa Village!


Takayama is a city in the Gifu Prefecture which is worth a visit especially if you want to see what a traditional Japanese village looks like.
The tour group will stop at Takayama first in the morning for a morning stroll around the historic old town of Takayama.
Takayama from Nagoya
Enjoy the traditional houses and buildings at Takayama!
Going to Takayama first in the morning is also strategic so you can have the afternoon to enjoy Shirakawa Village before going back to Nagoya.
The houses and buildings around Takayama are mostly wooden and traditional. The city does take you back to the Edo Period as you roam around the peaceful streets.
Takayama from Nagoya
Walk through the streets of historic old town of Takayama!
Spend time in their museums and stores as you appreciate the city. Don’t forget to try the popular Takayama beef!
Hidagyu Maruaki Takayama
Lunch at Hidagyu Maruaki in Takayama for their really good beef!


Where to Eat in Takayama
Takayama is known for their good and tasty beef. Walk around the streets and choose to dine among the restaurants around the city.
We chose to eat at Hidagyu Maruaki for their Hida beef and we were in for a really good treat.
Takayama from Nagoya
We tried this really good Hida Beef at Hidagyu Maruaki in Takayama!



The Shirakawa Village was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it has become a favorite place to visit for a day or a night tour  from Nagoya. 
Joining the tour group will make you spend an afternoon in this scenic village. 
Shirakawa Village
Look at those snow-covered mountains and the river at Shirakawa Village!
We visited Shirakawa village on a winter season when the surrounding mountains were still covered with snow and the views were just breathtaking.
The best overlooking view of the Shirakawa Village is from the Shiroyama Viewpoint.
Shirakawa Village from Nagoya
Make your way to the Shiroyama Viewpoint to have this beautiful overlooking view of Shirakawa Village!
Walk a slightly uphill trail to the Shiroyama Viewpoint for an amazing overlooking view of the village which looked magical against the river and the snow-covered mountains as its background.
Shirakawa Village from Nagoya
Marvel at each of the farmhouses like this at Shirakawa Village.
Fuel your body with their local food and buy souveneirs as you walk around to also help support the livelihood of the locals. They have amazing craft and artworks!
Shirakawa Village from Nagoya
The locals at Shirakawa Village are very good with their craft and art as their livelihood.


Don’t miss going on at least a day tour to Shirakawa-go and Takayama from Nagoya if you have the time. 
You will have both traditional Japanese houses and scenic views on a UNESCO World Heritage Site aside from getting to know more of their culture and food.
Shirakawa Village from Nagoya
Had a very good time at this UNESCO World Heritage Site with friends.
I wouldn’t mind going back and maybe spend a night at one of the farmhouses in Shirakawa-go. What do you think about the Shirakawa Village and Takayama? 🙂 

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