Sunsets and Sights at Amaya View CDO

Amaia View Larry's Hill CDO
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The beautiful sunset from high up a giant web easily makes Larry’s Hill in Amaya View my favorite place in Cagayan de Oro.

Amaya View High Rope Course Sunset
Climb up the web after a physically and mentally challenging High Rope Course and be rewarded with that beautiful sunset. 🙂
Dining at one of the restaurants around even gets us seated before a good overlooking view of the city.
Hugo Skye Lounge Amaya View
Dinner at Sutu Skye Dining
Amaya View CDO
Our parents enjoying the beautiful sunset from a good vantage point at Amaya View.
What makes Amaya View interesting isn’t just the amazing overlooking view and sunset from very high up but also the activities that Larry’s Hill offers especially the High Rope Course and Wall Climbing, both of which always challenge me physically and mentally. 
Larry's Hill Activities Rates
These are the activities and rates that Larry’s Hill offers. Check updates here.

I wouldn’t mind visiting this beautiful place too many times especially with my family. You can even go paragliding!

High Rope Course Larry's Hill Amaya View
That’s my sister braving one of the High Rope Course challenges while others are just enjoying the grass and the view below.
You can even marvel at the replicas of Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, and company (sorry I don’t know the name of the black one) as you walk around the area. 
Larry's Hill Amaya View Transformers
Take me somewhere with a good vantage point like Larry’s Hill in Amaya View just to witness the beautiful sunset over a good conversation, over dinner, or over a challenging Rope Course bonding, whatever, and I’ll be good. 
Amaya View Larry's Hill Wall Climbing
That’s my brother on his way down after reaching the top of the unusually high wall at Larry’s Hill. Challenge yourself to do the Wall Climbing, too! 🙂
You can also do other activities or just walk around and eat at one of their restaurants around the area. 
Amaia View Larry's Hill CDO
Us siblings enjoying the beautiful sunset at the big rope web after finishing the High Rope Course.
Visiting Cagayan de Oro soon? Make sure to visit Amaya View and tell me about your experience. 🙂

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