Underground River Canyoneering at Sikyop Adventure in Iligan City

Sikyop Adventure Rogongon Iligan City
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Trek through an underground river, go canyoneering, and enjoy Pagangon Falls when you visit Sikyop Adventure in Iligan City!

The trek starts at Sikyop Agriculture Cooperative where you get a good warm-up walk through an open area to Sikyop Treetop Experience where you can do the zipline before walking through narrow passageways.

Sikyop Adventure Treetop Experience
At Sikyop Treetop Experience. First stop after walking from Sikyop Agriculture Cooperative. You can do the zipline here!
Descending through some parts of the underground river to Pagangon Falls is already an adventure as you maneuver your way through big rocks, trees, and narrow openings. 
The trek from the registration area to Pagangon Falls takes around 30 minutes, depending on your pace  especially at Pagangon Falls where the area is quite narrow. 
Sikyop Adventure Iligan City
Maneuver your way through rocks and the water!
How to Go to Sikyop Adventure in Rogongon, Iligan City
Sikyop Adventure is around 30 km from the center of Iligan City.

 Address: Sitio Lawlawon, Barangay Rogongon, Iligan City
By Private Car
You can make your way to Sitio Lawlawon from Iligan City following the road from the National Highway to Rogongon after Mandulog Bridge. You can pin Sikyop Agriculture Cooperative in Google Maps.
Sikyop Adventure Iligan City
Enjoy the rock formations at Sikyop Adventure!


By Van
Our group rented a van from Iligan City and vice versa at P2500 inclusive of everything already. The van picked us up at Iligan City and waited for us while we did the trek and ate our lunch before bringing us back to the city proper.
You can contact our van driver at 09359660139 or other van rental services like Naknak Travel Services which you can contact here.
Sikyop Adventure Iligan City
Trek through the underground river at Sikyop Adventure!
By Jeepney
Most groups opt to rent a passenger jeepney at P1500 roundtrip. You can negotiate with any jeepney driver on the road.
Cars can only park along Rogongon road when we visited. We opted to ride a motorcycle from the road to Sikyop Agriculture Cooperative at P100 per head for a roundtrip.
Sikyop Adventure Iligan City
Maneuver your way through narrow passageways as you trek!
What to Bring
I recommend to trek as light as possible. You can let your tour guides carry your things especially on some challenging footpaths along the rocks or the river. Sikyop Agriculture Cooperative has lockers where you can store your things while doing the trek.
Extra Clothes
You will definitely get wet so bring a set of extra clothes as the trip back to Iligan City proper takes at least 30 minutes.
Sikyop Adventure Iligan City
You’ll definitely get wet on your way and as you enjoy Pagangon Falls!


Sikyop Adventure requires an entrance fee and tour guide fee for the trek.
Entrance Fee: P150 per head
Tour Guide Fee: P200 for every 5 persons
For our group of 10 people, we also spent money on food, van rental, and on motorcycle ride from Rogongon Road to  Sikyop Agriculture Cooperative and vice versa with details below.
Motorcycle Ride: P100 per person
Van rental: P250 per person
Food: ~P150 per person
Sikyop Agriculture Cooperative served us really good food at only P250 per serving which is already good for four to five persons. I recommend their Tinolang Manok, Monggoes with Dried Fish, Chopsuey and Chicken Pancit Guisado! 🙂
Sikyop Adventure Iligan City
Canyoneering at Sikyop Adventure is best enjoyed when done with friends. 🙂


The trek to Pagangon Falls and through the river is not difficult but can be challenging as some parts require descending through steep rocks and pathways. 
The ascent back to Sikyop Agriculture Cooperative would be the most challenging part. Motorcycle rides for a fee of around P50 are waiting if you opt to ride your way back up. 
Sikyop Adventure Iligan City
Trek through the underground river with rock formations on your sides and above you!
Enjoy your Sikyop Adventure experience with friends as you go canyoneering through the river and make your way through rocks and trees to Pagangon Falls and back. 
Sikyop Adventure Iligan City
Enjoy Pagangon Falls as you prepare to trek your way back!
Planning to trek through Sikyop Adventure soon? Tell me about your experience! 🙂

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